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    <h1>Open YouTube links in MPC-HC via bookmarklet</h1>
        <p>Install the <a href="">watch.exe</a> script as <tt>C:\watch.exe</tt>.</p>
        <p>Register the <i>watch:</i> protocol handler in the registry
          by downloading and running <a href="data:application/octet-stream,REGEDIT4%0A%0A%5BHKEY_CLASSES_ROOT%5Cwatch%5D%0A%40%3D%22URL%3Awatch%20Protocol%22%0A%22URL%20Protocol%22%3D%22%22%0A%0A%5BHKEY_CLASSES_ROOT%5Cwatch%5Cshell%5D%0A%0A%5BHKEY_CLASSES_ROOT%5Cwatch%5Cshell%5Copen%5D%0A%0A%5BHKEY_CLASSES_ROOT%5Cwatch%5Cshell%5Copen%5Ccommand%5D%0A%40%3D%22%5C%22C%3A%5C%5Cwatch.cmd%5C%22%20%5C%22%251%5C%22%22%0A" download="watch.reg">watch.reg</a> or copying it from here:<br>
        <pre>REGEDIT4<br><br>[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\watch]<br>@="URL:watch Protocol"<br>"URL Protocol"=""<br><br>[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\watch\shell]<br><br>[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\watch\shell\open]<br><br>[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\watch\shell\open\command]<br>@="\"C:\\watch.exe\" \"%1\""<br></pre>
        <p>Copy the contents of <a href="2.2/watch.js">watch.js</a> to a bookmark in your web browser. It supports the following features:</p></li>
    <li>Single-click the bookmark to convert all links on the page to <i>watch:</i> links.<br>
    <li>Single-click it again to revert the links. (This also happens automatically when you click a link.)</li>
    <li>Double-click the bookmark to open the current page as a <i>watch:</i> link.<br>
</ol><h2>Appendix: <span style="font-weight: normal;">Search results
    <p>The bookmarklet will not work on Google’s default search results
      page. This is because the links there are not actually links
      directly to the results, but to another Google address that, after
      logging your selection, redirects you to the corresponding page.</p>
    <p>Thus, in order to use the bookmarklet on Google’s results page,
      you need to install a web browser add-on or user script that
      removes this intermediary address from each link, replacing it
      with the real address of the destination. Here are a few
      <li>For modern versions of Firefox, <a href="">Don’t

          track me Google</a> seems good (also available for <a href="">Google

      <li>For versions and derivates of Firefox that support XUL
        extensions, I recommend <a href="caa:addon/google-redirect-rewrite-remove">Google
          redirect rewrite remover</a> (note that you need the <a href="">Classic
          Add-ons Archive</a> installed in order for that link to work).</li>
      <li>There is also a <a href="">user

          script</a>, should you prefer that.<br>
    <p>DuckDuckGo performs similar link redirection in some cases, but
      it can be <a href="">disabled